Talking Turkey: What’s that Broth in your Butterball? And What to Inject in your Turkey Instead.

Is your turkey “in the soup”? The answer is “yes” if you are dining on a Butterball or other supermarket chicken that’s been pumped and plumped with broth.  While that might sound beneficial, commercial “broth” injections are nearly always tricked out with soy oil, MSG, sugar and even gluten.   … [Read more...]

Dr. Prudden’s 31 Cases:  Treating Cancer with Bovine Tracheal Cartilage 

In Nourishing Broth, I discuss the life’s work of Dr. John F. Prudden (1920-1998), who found that bovine tracheal cartilage had a powerful and consistently positive effect on wound healing, arthritis, cancer and other diseases. Proof of the effectiveness of his cancer treatments came out in 1985 … [Read more...]

Worried about Lead in Bone Broth? Don’t Be. But Do Take Care with the Source of your Broth

Early in 2013, a study out of the UK about lead in chicken broth ruffled a lot of feathers, and unfortunately is still scaring people away from broth.   The study, which appeared in the journal Medical Hypotheses, reported broth made form organic chickens was contaminated with lead, one of the … [Read more...]