Cavewomen Drink Broth

My friend Esther Blum has "broth fever."  I think broth's "souper."   So we got together recently over some cups of “meat tea” to talk about it.    We'd like to share some of the highlights of our conversation, including: How broth can help you get your health groove back How broth can help … [Read more...]

Got Calcium? How Much is Really in your Bone Broth?

Lots of people think there's plenty of calcium in a cup of bone broth.   Some even say it's equivalent to the calcium found in a glass of milk.     But thinking doesn't make it so. The truth is, the calcium content of homemade bone broth doesn’t even come close.    The most important study on the … [Read more...]

“Corpse Juice” and Other Creepy Foods!

It happens every Halloween --  blood-curdling photos of chicken feet “clawing” their way out of bowls of festering broth.  Organ meats such as heart, liver, kidneys, sweetbread, tripe and the "naughty bits" are other traditional foods valued for their high "creep factor." It’s a grave mistake … [Read more...]