Broth and Other Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

What’s good for the body is good for the brain.  That’s why bone broth and other real foods should be the foundation of any healing protocol for depression and anxiety.

To learn more, tune in to the interviews with Sally Fallon Morell and Kaayla T. Daniel, coauthors of Nourishing Broth, at this week’s telesummit Overcoming Depression and Anxiety.  It’s hosted by Joanna Rushton, founder of the Energy Coaching Institute and My Delicious Life, and features 50 of the best and brightest minds working today in the field of mental health and wellness.   The event is free.  To register, click here:

Other top health experts participating are Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth; Dr. Amy Myers, author of The Auto-Immune Solution, on depression, anxiety and autoimmune disorders; JJ Virgin, author of the bestselling  The Sugar Impact Diet on sugar and brain-addicting substances; Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology on GMOs and the brain.   And many, many others.  To see the entire speaker roster, click here.

Speakers at the Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Summit  will have lots of tips to share, including:

  • Specific foods, recipes & diet plans to reduce anxiety 
  • Specific supplements to support your mood & improve brain function
  • Simple daily rituals to reduce your risk of depression & anxiety 
  • How to protect yourself & your family from stress from EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) at home & at work
  • Tools to improve your digestion, metabolism & hormonal balance
  • Movements and exercises to reduce anxiety & lift your mood
  • Techniques to enhance the quality of your sleep for improved rest & recovery
  • Methods to practice that will improve your relationship with yourself & others 

Ready to register? Click here.  It’s free and not to be missed.

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  1. Hello. Thank you for your in depth answers to the many questions you get about bone broth! I have an add on question. I am trying to heal my leaky gut with bone broth, as well as other things, so I want to embrace the goodness of bone broth for the rest of my life. However, I do get herpes outbreaks ( oh the anguish and embarrassment), and since starting my bone broth adventure, I have had a very dramatic increase in occurrences. Help!!!!!! Please tell me specific amounts of WHAT (I am guessing here, but could adding 1 cup of cooked chicken, or add 1/2 cup of greens, or 2 teaspoon of turmeric…..) to add to my already cooked broth to balance the arginine!! In addition, could increasing the amount of L-lysine that I take on a daily basis (that in the past has been enough to minimize outbreaks) be an additional thing to do? Is there a “toxic” level of either arginine or lysine, or is the ratio the primary factor? Please reply to

    • Hi Melussa, If you are including some chicken (as in a cup to a big bowl of soup), you are probably balancing the ratios out pretty well. If you are still having the outbreaks, could consider more meat with your broth. In terms of dose, it varies from person to person. Are you working with a health care practitioner? If so,you might want to consider amino acid testing. The dose of lysine needed to stop an outbreak is 3000 mg. If you take that at the first tingling, it can kick it back. But that’s a very high daily dose. Among other possibilities, you may also be deficient in Vitamin C. Wish I could give you an exact answer but we’re all different. Kaayla

  2. I just made bone broth with chicken bones for the first time, as I’ve been hearing about a lot of great benefits. Incidentally my mood has been way off today and sometimes I suffer from mild depression and anxiety. I had a cup of my bone broth today and I was surprised that instantly my mood brightened. I honestly couldn’t believe the fast reaction, so I went looking online for anything related to bone broth and mood. I had to post here to share my experience. I don’t take any medications for mood, but this acted like a drug. I am amazed!

  3. Dorrie Mcmonigal says:

    Where are your bone broth recipes please?


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