Got Calcium? How Much is Really in your Bone Broth?

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Lots of people think there’s plenty of calcium in a cup of bone broth.   Some even say it’s equivalent to the calcium found in a glass of milk.     But thinking doesn’t make it so.

The truth is, the calcium content of homemade bone broth doesn’t even come close.    The most important study on the subject dates back to 1934, and it showed us little calcium ends up in broth even when the bones are cooked long enough to have softened and begun to dissolve.    The researchers also found the most calcium in broths cooked not only from bones but vegetables.

Recent USDA figures for brand-name canned broths also show extremely low levels.    While it is easy to dismiss these figures as what’s to be expected from the poor quality of broth found in commercial products, low calcium levels were also reported by Saffron Road and Flavor Chef Broths, two excellent brands sold in health food stores.  Last year Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and I found this so unbelievable that we decided more testing was warranted before completing Nourishing Broth.    Much to our surprise, the reports that came in from Covance Laboratories in Madison, Wisconsin, showed much the same.

To see the lab figures and our full discussion, go to pages 22-25  in Nourishing Broth.   Don’t have the book yet?  Why wait?

As for broth and bone building, no worries.  Broth definitely lives up to its bone-building reputation, just not for the reason most people have assumed.    The reason is the abundant collagen found in good old fashioned bone broth.    Get it in the good broth you make yourself or from these products here that we recommend.      To read my full blog about broth, calcium, collagen and bonebuilding, visit the The Healthy Home Economist here.



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  1. Tried my first bone broth with a chocolate bar after. There is no more satisfaction than this. Slow cooker & recipe book purchase is the prescient contretemps, now. Thanks.


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